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We have most likely dealt with the issue before, so we decided to put some common questions and answers together to save you time. If your question’s not there, though, just get in touch!


What’s the difference between translation and interpreting?

‘Translation’ refers to the written word, which includes books, manuals, texts, websites and digital communication. In contrast, ‘interpreting’ refers to the spoken world: meetings, events, conferences, Skype calls and telephone conversations.

How can I order translation, interpreting or transcreation services?

Balance Your Words helps you with translation, copywriting, interpreting and communication services in Manchester, the UK and abroad. All you have to do is fill in the contact form and tell us all about your project/idea.

Sara will get back to you as soon as possible, but you can also call her via Skype (just click on the Skype button!).

Can I order multiple services together?

Sure. Just tell us exactly what you need, whether you have a specific budget and what your preferred deadline is.

How many languages do you work with?

Balance Your Words works with English, Italian, French, Spanish and Dutch. Other commonly requested languages are Portuguese and German.

Not what you need? Just drop us a line and let’s have a chat. Your first Skype consultation is free!

How long will it take to translate my document?

3,000 words take up to 8 hours, depending on the quality of the text and the language combination, so your project might take more or less time. Just ask.

How much will I spend?

Depending on the service (translation, copywriting, interpreting, etc.) you will be charged by the word, per project or a day rate. For more information about what we do, see the Balance Your Words services page.

How can I pay?

Balance Your Words accepts payments made in £ € or $ via bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. We do not accept cash payments, but we will let you know if this changes.


What is Balance Your Words?

Balance Your Words is a small Italian translation and interpreting company based in Manchester, serving the local community as well as international clients.

Balance Your Words offers translation, interpreting, transcreation, copywriting, specialised writing and content creation. We have built a range of comprehensive services to help you enhance your communication projects, express your ideas, reach new markets and audiences and always speak your target readership’s language – whether you need English, French, Spanish, Dutch or Italian.

Manchester is an original, innovative and cultured city. We are here to help you enjoy it with translation and interpreting services that you will love!

Is Balance Your Words an agency?

No we’re not! Sara Colombo is the core of Balance Your Words and the soul of our precious team of collaborators. We don’t outsource, we don’t sub-let and we will never ask you for extra money to cover management and expensive marketing costs.

What you see is what you get; we pride ourselves on transparency and commitment.

Who runs Balance Your Words?

Balance Your Words is run by Sara Colombo, MA – an Italian freelance translator and interpreter with more than 8 years of translation experience backed up by a wide range of roles across the languages and translation industry.

Sara holds a degree in languages and two master’s degrees in languages and translation. She started her language career spurred on by her passion for words and communication and still approaches her job with equal amounts of enthusiasm and professionalism more than 8 years on.

To know more about our head Italian translator, visit the about page and download her CV.

What is the story of Balance Your Words?

Sara has always been fascinated by foreign languages and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She started speaking English and French at 7, graduated in languages and translation in the UK and Italy, while she also became a skilled performer and fitness teacher, which helped her to support her linguistic studies. Now, Sara runs her Italian translation and interpreting company in Manchester, relaxes with yoga in her spare time and draws on the shared skill sets of both areas to help likeminded businesses develop and grow.

Discipline and balance are key to both yoga and translation. Both require constant practice, attention to detail and focus.

Balance allows your energy to flow freely and enables you to be your true, amazing self.

Balanced words free up the meaning of your texts, target the right customers without losing the original meaning and make the translation sound harmonious and natural.

Balance Your Words is an Italian translation and interpreting company working from Manchester that is based on skills, enthusiasm and the desire to help your business to communicate better.

We’re not just a translation service, we’re your communication specialists.

We’re here to balance your words while you balance your worlds.

Why a stack of zen stones?

The stack of zen stones you see in the logo was chosen following extensive deliberation during the branding process.

Rock balancing is an act of meditation to find the zero point that allows every stone to stand still on top of the other. To achieve this, one has to calm the mind and find a natural and relaxed state of being.

Zen gardens are used to calm, meditate and recreate the universe in all its natural beauty and positivity.

We loved the zen stones as our logo because they are the perfect representation of ‘balance’ but are also a very natural and calming symbol – and that’s the effect we want to have on you when you work with us.

What’s the mission of Balance Your Words?

Balance Your Words was developed from years of freelancing and collaboration with skilled translators around the world.

We are a small Italian translation and interpreting company based in Manchester that can take care of all your communication needs – from translation to copywriting and interpreting – allowing you to express your ideas in a personal, natural and effective way.

As is clear from our name, we are 100% positive that the best way of communicating is by balancing your words in a natural way. But we also believe in balancing your worlds: leave your projects to the experts while you create more awesome stuff!

Is Balance Your Words appropriate for the needs of a small company?

Yes! Balance Your Words is an Italian translation and interpreting company that works with many different clients, from individual professionals to organisations and small and medium businesses. Whether you are based in Manchester, the UK or abroad and need an Italian professional translator, don’t hesitate to contact us!

As well as our core services of Italian translation and interpreting, we can also support you through editing, linguistic evaluation and consultancy.

Just ask!

How does Balance Your Words work?

Balance Your Words works from Manchester, is open from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm (GMT) but your business enquiries are processed 24/7. Get in touch via email at a time that suits you and you will receive a reply as soon as possible.

Balance Your Words is closed over the weekend but individual projects can be accommodated. If you have an urgent job or a weekend assignment, please get in touch in advance.

Does Balance Your Words work for charity?

Balance Your Words cares deeply about the environment and is active in the protection and support of stray animals and the charities that take care of them.

If you are a charity and need a translation, interpreting or any other language or communication-related support, just get in touch: it would be an honour to help out.

Can I send you my CV?

There are no open positions at the moment, but watch this space!