Welcome to the brand new website of Balance Your Words!

Welcome! ­čÖé

Welcome to the new home of Balance Your Words. Whether you are a client, a new reader or a colleague, I’m glad you are here and honoured to start this new exciting journey with you.

What is Balance Your Words? It’s your words spa, your communication sanctuary, translation treatment package, writing beauty lab. In other words, a small translation & communication company that takes care of your words to refresh them and make them read, sound, feel..awesome.

So that in turn you can keep on working on more cool stuff and don’t have to worry about typos, double meanings, loans, broken slogans, unclear messages, messed up paragraphs, stressing translations.

Just relax. And let us take care of your words.

Yeah, well, but who is the yoga-addict face peeking from the About page? Is that the owner? Such a young girl…it can’t be.

You are right, it looks like we are getting lost in translation here. But let me introduce myself. My name is Sara and I am an Italian (native) translator based in Manchester with more than 8 years of translation experience. I have travelled the world, enjoyed the perks of being a translation student, worked in-house and as a freelancer and even worked out of the translation industry, in the fitness, health and marketing sectors.

And thanks, I know my complexion looks great. I owe it to my zen-like, balanced (yes, also addicted to yoga) lifestyle. ­čśë

So, here I am. Well, here we are..here it is the new website of Balance Your Words.

Balance Your Words offers a comprehensive range of services that will enhance your communication projects and will help you to reach more readers, find more customers or simply meet a business partner and speak their language.

I do all this because I am qualified, I can count on a talented team of collaborators, live in the cosmopolitan Manchester, but above all, I do this because I love it.

Browse the new website to look for the right service or get in touch for further questions.

In the next posts, I’ll be writing about all things translation, transcreation and writing – don’t miss them!