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Balance Your Words, Italian translation and interpreting services in Manchester.

Manchester is a cosmopolitan, cultured city known for its original architecture, innovative business hubs and its cool creative scene.

In 2015 Manchester was ranked the best UK city to live in. But with more that 6,000 startups in the creative & media sectors and 200,000 people in business, it is also an ideal professional destination.

That’s why more than 30,000 Italian professionals have chosen Manchester as a place to develop their careers and business dreams.

And that’s why Balance Your Words is here to help you with Italian translation services in Manchester. Whether you travel or live in the area, we are here to let you enjoy Manchester with Italian translations and more!

We are here to balance your words, so that you can focus on balancing your worlds.

Our company name, Balance Your Words, reflects the philosophy of balance that drives this project and its creator, Sara.

Translation is a balancing act because when translating, the professional takes care and gives attention to two different languages at the same time.

Balance needs harmony and strength, it connects and creates focus. Both in the practice of translation and in life.

Indeed, as well as providing high-quality Italian translation services in Manchester, Sara’s vision and company culture is founded on a positive collaboration among colleagues, believes in paying attention to every detail of the process, the importance of being always determined and the unique, talented and balanced blend of all these qualities together.

Balance Your Words is proud to offer Italian translation and interpreting services in Manchester, promoting a more connected world and making it easy for you to communicate better!

Does that sound like your approach to life too? Get in touch for a chat about your next balanced translation project.

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Meet Sara: the soul of Balance Your Words

I’m an Italian translator and interpreter based in Manchester with more than 8 years of experience in my field. I am familiar with all facets of the industry, with my professional background spanning freelancing, in-house Italian translation and project management.

I was raised in a lively Italian family, where we also spoke both French and English, and I developed a passion for languages almost immediately.

Later, I studied foreign languages and translation at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in the UK and Italy and travelled to Belgium and Ireland to hone my language skills and develop a deeper understanding of other cultures.

Key qualifications

  • MA Translation
  • MA Foreign Languages for International Communication
  • BA Foreign Languages

While studying languages and translation I also began practicing yoga and became a fitness instructor. I was striving to find a natural equilibrium between my passion for languages and health, and I loved so many things that finding the right balance was very difficult.

However, in 2005 a university friend asked me to work as Italian translator on a small paid project and I accepted, convinced it would be just temporary.

That small project kick-started my passion, gave me a glimpse of the profession and fired up my dreams of working on my own and running my own business.

Since then, I have set up my own business in Manchester, developed my knowledge of languages (I speak English, French, Spanish, Dutch and I am also a qualified TESOL teacher) and translation (I hold a BA and two master’s degrees in languages & translation) and have continued with my work in the fitness industry in my spare time.

Over the course of my career, I have also become an IAPTI and MET member, an active contributor to the ITI Bulletin, a ProZ trainer, a translation trainer & speaker and a prolific blogger.

Now my professional world is a balanced mix of words, projects, business meetings and trusted collaborators.

But after work, I still give myself permission to let things go, practice yoga and find my inspiration.

We work from Manchester!

Manchester is a hugely vibrant city, conveniently located at the heart of business networks connecting the UK to the rest of the EU and the USA. This puts us in the perfect position to support your plans to develop and expand internationally.

So if you need a first-class Italian translator or interpreter in Manchester or elsewhere, get in touch today. Sara, the owner of Balance Your Words, will be happy to answer your questions or even meet up for a coffee to discuss your ideas and objectives.

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